World Book Night 2012

I know that it is technically World Book Night tomorrow, but I have a funny feeling my week is going to get crazy pretty fast (I have started my third and final placement at school…very nearly a teacher!) so I am posting this a tad early.

I am giving away 24 copies of Andrea Levy’s ‘Small Island’, which seems like an almost impossible task when I look at them all stacked up in my bedroom, but I am positive they will all go to worthy homes.

I love the whole ethos behind World Book Night and the idea of giving books to those who perhaps do not read as much as you do, or are looking for a new and exciting change of literary direction.  The selection of books this year is amazing; there is definitely something for everyone, from classics like Austen’s Pride and Prejudice to more modern texts like  Emma Donoghue’s Room.  The school librarian has also collected books to give out and we are holding an event tomorrow lunchtime, with five titles up for grabs, so I am hoping to pick up a new reading treat for myself…because you can never have enough books to read!

As previously mentioned it is back to school for the whole five day working week tomorrow, but luckily I have a new obsession to see me through… a Graze Box!

As the photo shows, I pretty much devoured my Graze box, although I did save the best til last, apple and cinnamon flapjack yummy!  My friend gave me a voucher for a free box, and then when I signed up they said I would get my fifth box free, and I am a sucker for these ‘deals’, yes I use the word lightly as I know they are still getting my money, but I don’t care, they are just too yummy!  There are over 100 snacks to choose from, you select all the ones you might like and then four surprise ones turn up in your Graze box, it is amazing…I think this is my new addiction!


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