Book Buying Ban

It is with great sadness, and much deliberation, that I have decided to impose a book buying ban on myself. I know, the horror! What could possess me to do such a thing? I think the 65 unread books on my bookcase and the 14 unread books on my Kindle very almost speak for themselves, but there is also the slight issue of finance.

This is not the first time I have exerted some self control and put a ban on buying. I gave the whole shopping element up for Lent last year, just to test whether I actually had any control over these book buying urges, or if I really couldn’t help myself. As soon as Lent was over I went a little crazy in Waterstones, but that was to be expected. Now that was a mere 40 days. This book buying ban is (hopefully) going to last a tad longer, because I am aiming for a ban until my birthday…this is in October! Can I do it? Only time will tell! There is one exception (because there always needs to be a slight loophole) I am allowed to buy books for teaching and school purposes – this is obviously a big part of my life, and I don’t think it is sensible to refuse to buy books for teaching.

My main reason behind this new ban comes from my eagerness to read books I have already read, and I don’t feel I will ever achieve this if I continue buying books whenever one catches my eye. I am hoping this will allow me to truly appreciate the books I actually own and to sweep the dust off those who have been sitting lifeless for too long. I seem to remember reading somewhere that a book left hidden on a bookshelf is essentially a dead object and that it is our duty as readers to bring them back to life again, and I am going to keep this metaphor in mind as I embark on this test of willpower and self control.

One thought on “Book Buying Ban

  1. good luck keeping to your ban! I am considering this myself as I have a severe book backlog, but then I think ‘why shouldn’t I buy books if I want’. For Lent next year, maybe – thanks for the idea!

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