The Lost Art of Diary Writing!

Since I was 11 I have always had a diary on the go, and this past week saw the completion of my most recent diary. I use the term diary loosely in this sense, as it has taken me nearly 6 years to fill this one up. My sporadic diary writing and the fact I am reading The Kenneth Williams Diaries at the moment has got me thinking about diary writing as a whole, specifically my attitude towards it and whether it is something people still do in the ‘modern’ world of blogs, emails and a whole host of technology that I know nothing about.

For me one of the most important parts of the whole diary thing is choosing the right one. I upgraded from the Minnie Mouse Disneyland design when I finally finished that. Shortly after that I moseyed off to university, with a beautiful new William Shakespeare inspired diary in tow. And I followed the same path when I bought a new one, opting for a Charlotte Bronte inspired diary from the same collection.

I love them. They are so pretty, although who knows what I will do when I finish the Bronte one, as they were the only author inspired diaries I could find! But my track record is poor, so I don’t imagine having to confront this problem for a good few years.

Which leads me on to writing a diary. Why do I do it? What do I write about? And why am I so bad at it? My answers tie into one another. I’d love to say I write about really interesting and thought provoking subjects, but I don’t. I tend to write about my life in general, what I have been up to, my personal life, my worries, things I hope to remember in years to come. Unfortunately I am a terrible diarist and tend to write when I am upset about something…maybe this whole taking years to finish a diary is a sign that I am a merry bean. So why do I do it? It’s the cathartic element. There is nothing like writing down all that is in your head, in one long rabbling stream of consciousness…it is almost like my blog, accept not something I would want anyone else to read…EVER! I think it has become slightly neglected in the past few years due to the fact my best friend and I write letters to one another, which are slightly less personal and revealing diary entries in my opinion. Luckily for the diary she has been pretty slack recently, so I have been able to put some more effort in there. And the most pressing questions of all; now I have finished this diary, do I dare to go back and read it anytime soon? If I disappear from the blogging world it is because I have curled up in a heap of cringe worthy embarrassment in some corner of my room!


2 thoughts on “The Lost Art of Diary Writing!

  1. I am very bad at writing diaries. I’ve tried at least once or twice a year each year since I was eight years old to consistently write in one. My resolve usually vanishes within a week or two, which is why I was surprised that it hasn’t been terribly difficult for me to keep up with blogging.

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