Cat Among The Pigeons

Before I get on to the book I must talk about where it came from… a mobile library! For me this was a shocking first, and I love the idea of moseying to some village pub carpark to hop on a bus to collect my chosen book. I think it is such a quaint novelty and also an important part of the community; a fabulous way of bringing literature and enjoyment to those who perhaps aren’t as mobile (!) as others. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact I was the youngest person by at least 50 years. And the best bit about the nearest stop to me – if I miss it I can just go further down the village. I can’t believe I have never used a mobile library before, I fear this will be dangerous as I tend to get a bit book happy in libraries.

Now on to the book. I began watching a TV adaptations of Agatha Christie’s Cat Among the Pigeons last weekend and saw as far as the first murder (I am sure I’m not giving the game away when I say there was a murder). This is potentially fatal, in more ways than one, as I miss out on the whole ‘whodunnit’ aspect that Christie is famed for. This is where the hankering to read this particular novel came from, and why I needed to venture to the mobile library, as my local library didn’t have it.

Cat Among the Pigeons was everything I expected and wanted from an Agatha Christie novel; there was a crime or two, the classic gathering the suspects scene, a few red herrings and Poirot! Not that I have anything against any other Christie sleuth. The novel is set in an exclusive girls’ school, but flicks between Meadowbanks and Ramat, a Middle Eastern Country ravaged by a recent Revolution. Shortly before the Revolution, the Prince’s family jewels mysteriously disappear and various parties are interested in the whereabouts of said jewels; a quest that leads them to the school. Events centre on the school, and Poirot doesn’t make an appearance until the end of the novel, just in time to do a little investigating, gather all the suspects and pinpoint the murderer.

Overall I really enjoyed this novel; it was a thrilling, easy read, just what I wanted for the weekend, mainly because I was visiting friends and relatives and I ran Race For Life. I enjoy having to use my deduction skills to try and guess the murderer/criminal before they are revealed (something I didn’t do this time) and I love the comfort of returning to much loved characters, especially if they are in a mystery I have yet to read, hear or see on telly. A few years ago for Christmas I was given an Agatha Christie boardgame as a joke present and I have yet to play it, so maybe this return to Christie will help and inspire me to read more of her work and hopefully beat someone when I eventually play the game. And the best bit? The library always have LOADS of Agatha Christie novels on the shelf!


2 thoughts on “Cat Among The Pigeons

  1. Love the idea of a mobile library, even though I’ve never been to one. The closest I get to that is the “Leave a book, take a book” library at a local coffee shop.

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