A Difficult Top Ten

This week at The Broke and The Bookish the theme is ‘Top Ten Books for People who like X Author’, which is proving to be a tricky category for me mainly because (and here is a recent reading experience example) although I struggled when I originally read Lord of the Rings didn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy The Hobbit when I recently read it, and I think this is a reading feeling that can work both ways. On this basis I am going to focus on a few different authors as I think this will be easier from my point of view and offer a few possible reading suggestions.

If you like Evelyn Waugh you might also enjoy:

Madresfield by Jane Mulvagh – Exploring the house and the family behind Waugh’s famous novel Brideshead Revisited.

Any Nancy Mitford – Waugh and Mitford, as well as having a similar acid tongue and witty and accurate characterisation, were friends in real life, and I know I always enjoy reading novels by either of them for a glimpse into a particular aspect of British society of the twentieth century.

If you like Waugh and Mitford, you might enjoy:

The collection of their letters to one another. I’ll admit I haven’t read it, but it is on my TBR list.

If you like Nancy Mitford, you might enjoy discovering more about her and her fascinating family:

The Mitfords: Letters Between Six Sisters edited by Charlotte Mosley – The six Mitford sisters (Nancy, Diana, Pamela, Unity, Jessica and Deborah) maintained a written correspondence which spanned their lives. In this collection Mosley, Diana’s daughter-in-law, has complied a variety of their letters spanning decades and cleverly depicting the amusments, complications and tragedies that the sisters faced.

Hons and Rebels by Jessica Mitford – Again not one I have read, but I keep hearing many good things about this.

Wait For Me by Deborah Devonshire – Debo is the youngest, and the only surviving Mitford sister and her autobiography offers a fascinating insight into not only the lives of the six sisters, but Deborah’s personal life and restoration of the beautiful Chatsworth House.

And finally whilst I am on a random journey across my bookshelf and this makes perfect sense to be in my little dot-to-dot link system

The Duchess by Amanda Foreman – Deborah Mitford is the current Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, which is how my little journey has arrived at Amanda Foreman’s historical biography of a previous Duchess of Devonshire. Georgiana lived from 1757-1806, and was a true icon of her age. She was influential in both fashion and later politics, something that was unheard of for a woman during that period; she was a drug addict, she had an affair with Earl Grey, but perhaps the most complicated and shocking aspect of her story is the relationship between her husband and her best friend and how Georgiana copes with this.

So yes a fairly random list of books, but I can see a clear link between them all and, as I said this is more a dot-to-dot of a certain area of my bookcase.

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