Is it really Monday tomorrow?

You know it has been a looooong time between posts/blog browsing, when your wordpress account signs you out and asks for a password! Unfortunately this is the first opportunity I have had to come on here and actually post all week for many reasons. I have been able to keep up to date with blogs I read through the magic of my iPod, but I have had very little time for reading/posting/commenting!

Biggest news of the week….I FINALLY started work on Tuesday, and life has been pretty much non stop ever since! I have spent a day with my tutor group and got to know them a bit better and I have taught 5/7 of my classes, so I am beginning to meet some of my students and suss them out. It has been pretty stressful and manic this week, and on Wednesday I was in a terrible grump, but I think that was more the anticipation of actually teaching lessons again after an incredibly relaxing summer! In fact I last stood infront of a class of teenagers at the end of May, so it has been a while and I was amlost dreading that I had forgotten what I needed to do! Luckily all has gone well this week, and I am half scared and half excited about what the upcoming week will bring.

All of this has left little time for reading, which was not helped by the fact I got to spend all of yesterday at a friend’s wedding. Not that I am complaining; I had a lovely day and I know the bride and groom did too, so it was amazing to be included in their special day.

I am so close to the end of my last Agatha Raisin novel on my Kindle, so hopefully I will get to find out ‘who dunnit’ tonight. Then it will be on to school reading, primarily Morris Gleitzman’s Once and Mildred D Taylor’s Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry. I am hoping I will have time next weekend to post on both of these books and to answer The Classics Club September Meme, but who knows! I am looking forward to getting in to a routine at school so I can fit everything in to my life, and continue enjoy a vast array of literature. But for now I am off to check I am all prepared for tomorrow!


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