Weekly Wrap-Up

And we are back to Sunday and a lovely reflection on the past week and what it has held, both in reading terms and life in general.

My reading for the week has been focused on novels I will be teaching to my Year 8s; the theme is ‘other cultures’, so I have read and reviewed Morris Gleitzman’s Once and Mildred. D. Taylor’s Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry. Both novels have provided a great sense of escapism, as well as being interesting texts from a teaching perspective; I am particularly looking forward to progressing with Once.

This has been my first full week at school, although Thursday was a belated Sports Day, which had been postponed due to the horrendous summer weather at the end of last term. It has been busy, but I feel as though I am beginning to settle in to school life and feel happier in general regarding the workload and my teaching expectations. There is still an awful lot I need to do, and I am sure many stressed out days/weeks lay ahead of me, but on the whole I am a happy bean this week.

And now I have reached that awful part of my reading habits that always leaves me feeling restless and a tad lost…what to read next? I have read so many great reviews recently that my TBR list is getting longer and longer, but I know I should read something that has been on my shelf for a while. Maybe I’ll sleep on it and I will see the light tomorrow…although if anyone has any fabulous recommendations they will be gratefully received!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up

    1. Unfortunately finances and lack of time to get to the library might hinder this slightly, but then might feel differently tomorrow! I have an urge for literature based around the First World War and luckily I have lots of books that fit the criteria!

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