Weekly Wrap Up

Another weekly wrap up and the end to a very busy and enjoyable week. School has been a hoot, minus a few naughty girls in detention, but I sent out positive postcards to other girls in a bid to counteract this negativity…and it worked! I have just returned from a weekend visiting my mum, sister and family. I wasn’t planning on visiting them, especially as I had seen my mum on Thursday, but it is my birthday in the week and the thought of not seeing any of them at all was a tad depressing, so I turned up unannounced to surprise them all. It didn’t quite work with my mum, who drove past me as I was walking the dog, but on the whole they were pretty surprised.

I have been reading…

I finished Evelyn Waugh’s Scoop, which seemed to take forever, and wasn’t as enjoyable as I had hoped. I have been drawn back to crime ridden world of the Cotswolds and Agatha Raisin and have begun Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage. I have decided to read the series in the correct order; this relies largely on the hope that my local library has the majority of the books in stock, if not it might take a while. I am very much looking forward to finish off a few more lesson plans for the beginning of next week and curling up with a large cup of tea and becoming sumerged in the latest murder mystery to hit the Carsely detectives.

I have been listening to…

On my drive home from visiting the family, I decided against the loud music and sing song of listening to the iPod (yes, I went out last night and I needed a bit of a break from it all) and chose an audio book from my limited collection. I stuck to the crime theme and opted for Agatha Christie’s 4.50 from Paddington. I have listened to this CD on many occassions, but it is still a joy to hear June Whitfield’s Miss Marple as I drive through the English countryside.

I have been watching…

As with the majority of the British public I have become slightly obsessed with The Great British Bake Off. It is amazing! I do love cooking programmes on the whole, but this has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of baking. I have taken temporary care of my mum’s Kenwood Mixer and I am planning on buying lots of beautiful baking tools and ingredients to get me started. I think a huge dose of caffiene will be in need if I am going to make it to 10pm tonight and the end of this week’s episode of the fantastic Downton Abbey. I have loved Downton since it first came on to our screens a few years ago, when it began set in romantic pre-war period of the First World War. I still LOVE it now! We are currently in the 1920s and the Crawley family are facing up to the fact they might lose their beloved family home. Please let me stay awake to catch it!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up

  1. I also love Downton Abbey but have not watched any from this new series yet. Went away for a week and came back to a choc-a-bloc tv planner. So will be spending a lot of time catching up I think!
    Glad you’ve had a lovely week.

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