Weekly Wrap Up

I love October! Not just because it is my birthday month, but because I love the weather. One of my favourite things about living in Britain is the sheer unpredictable nature of the weather, and yes I realise I might be the only person in Britain who feels this way. I love the crunchy Autumnal leaves and the changing of the trees, the blustery days and the dark nights. Unfortunately it has been raining a little more than I like this past week, so I have yet to experience the beautiful weather, but the weather is defying me and it is lovely and sunny today.

So yes it was my birthday this week whoo! I’m typically selfish and I love birthdays, not only my own, but other people’s the whole gift/card buying process. I had a lovely birthday this year. It was a little sad as I was away from my family, but I had a great time in school, with presents and a cake from my tutor group. They were very sweet and all hid and jumped up and shouted “SURPRISE” when I walked in in the morning. I had some lovely presents and two particular books ones I just had to blog about.

My old university housemate appears to be on a mission to domesticate me, I guess the year of looking after me and making me chicken pie prepared her for future birthdays, and this year she did not disappoint. I was very happy to unwrap an amazing looking cookery book called Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache filled with many lovely recipes for cakes, cookies, biscuits, scones, drinks etc. I am excited to try out a first recipe tomorrow.


I also received a book from my mum, and a book I credit the blogging world for introducing me to. I have read numerous rave reviews about the writing of Elizabeth Taylor, so I felt it was about time I experienced her for myself and with a little help from my mum I soon will be. I gave her a few possible book suggestions, as I love surprises and she chose The Complete Short Stories of Elizabeth Taylor. As with my cookery book, I cannot wait to dive into this book and discover the writing of Elizabeth Taylor for myself.


All in all it has been a fabulous week, although I haven’t done much reading. Life at school has become crazy and I have assessments and reports for all of my classes looming in the upcoming weeks, but I am determined to make more time for reading as I have so many great books on my shelves and on my wish list that it would be a shame to neglect them all and turn into a workaholic.

Hope you have all had a fabulous week too?

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