Weekly Wrap Up

My wrap up posts are somewhat sporadic (thank you Clueless for teaching me that word many years ago), but in an attempt to neglect work, which is terrible, and in a plea for help, which I’ll get to shortly, I have returned to this form.

I am currently on half term, which is great, although I feel a tad strange from the sheer amount of free time I have. I have been kept busy with marking Controlled Assessments, reading and thinking about what I will be teaching next term. One of the school’s new areas of Foch is promoting reading for pleasure, a valuable past time, which I am sure all in the book blogging world are keen to promote. Therefore I have a little request to anyone who reads this; I am creating reading lists for all my classes, so any recommended reads please let me know. They can be anything, from any period, any genre, any author, the more options I have the better as it is important to have a huge range of possibilities. I have also begun the process of creating a school blog so the student can take part in book blogging too. However I am a little disappointed that WordPress will not let me create a blog wi one administrator and lots of authors, but I shall overcome this somehow.

I have found lots of time for reading for pleasure for myself as well, and I still have a week to go! I finished L.P. Hartley’s The Go-Between and moved on to the next in the Agatha Raisin series, Agatha Raisin and the Terrible Tourist. I am a little sad to find out that none of my local libraries have the next in the series, especially as I wanted to read them in order, so who knows what I will do the next time I want to read about the delightful Mrs. Raisin.

In the last week of term I asked my Year 7 classes for various recommendations, for other students, teachers, family etc. and have created a ‘Book Recommendation’ wall in my classroom. Needless to say The Hunger Games appeared several times, and since I have spotted so many students reading it and seen it EVERYWHERE I decided it was time I picked it up. I’m about a quarter of the way through the first one and I am enjoying it very much at the moment.

All in all a good weekend, and I am looking forward to devising these reading lists and hopefully inspiring more reading outside of the classroom.


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