It’s time for Persephone Classics to join the bookcase!


Finally a Persephone Classic has landed on my bookcase!

Since I joined the blogging world back in the spring I have been introduced to some fantastic authors and many books I would never have discovered for myself, which is one of the main reasons I love book blogging. Persephone Books fall in to this category. For months the ‘P’ word has been making appearances on my literary radar and I have been telling myself I WILL go in search of various authors when I am next in a bookshop/have money to spend on books. And the opportunity arose yesterday afternoon.

I was back visiting my mum and had moseyed to the next town for a look around. When we first moved to that particular part of Wiltshire three years ago, the local town had an amazing independent bookshop, with rickety old shelves groaning with classics of all kinds and from all publishers, a corner dedicated to poetry books and tables of history books; some had even taken on that yellowish tinge that old books seem to inhabit so well. Sadly this has now shut down and has been turned into a little boutique shop/cafe. Luckily for me the shop still has one bookcase dedicated to second hand books (for £1!) and it is here that I discovered Dorothy Whipple’s Someone at a Distance. Whipple’s name has also been creeping into my vocabulary recently, so I must admit I was particularly pleased with my find and I very much look forward to delving into this novel.


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