Christmas 2012 and a new year of reading

It officially isn’t Christmas if I don’t have at least one book on my Christmas list, and this year I even got a few surprise books that I wasn’t expecting.


It is common knowledge among my friends and family that in recent years I have become obsessed with cooking, cooking programmes in particular, with Hugh’s Three Things being my new addiction. For those of you who haven’t seen the programme it centres on the idea that all good dishes are made up of three good key ingredients with a few stable kitchen cupboard ingredients thrown in. I very much look forward to delving in and trying some new recipes in the kitchen. Staying on the cooking theme I also received a cupcake book, so hopefully more yummy cakes will be on the way.

Through reading various blog posts I have become familiar with Persephone Books, and a particularly good review of John Coates’ Patience saw that quickly rise on my Christmas list and Father Christmas delivered.

I have read all Jane Austen novels, however my copy of Sense and Sensibility was a cheap one with teeny, tiny writing and I have been keen to update and find a beautiful new copy of the novel. I particularly like Penguin Classics as I enjoy reading the ‘Introduction’, so this is a reread I look forward to.

Two new books have joined my collection and I have one of my good friends to thank for both of them. Call the Midwife was an unexpected Christmas present; a risky present choice for someone with hundreds of books as you can never be too sure if I have a book. Luckily I didn’t, and I haven’t seen the TV programme, so another great choice I look forward to. The same friend has been raving about Life of Pi recently, mainly the film version, but as I haven’t read the book I didn’t want to go and see it. And then this evening I found the book on Kindle for 20p, can’t say no to that.


A recent trip to the cinema (to see The Hobbit, which is amazing by the way) meant I finally got to see the trailer for Les Miserables and although I know I won’t be able to read it before seeing the film, yes I am being hypocritical here, I am going to make it my aim to read it at some point this year. Other than that who knows what 2013 will bring, hopefully I’ll achieve my ambition of getting the TBR list to below 50, but a this rate I doubt it!

2 thoughts on “Christmas 2012 and a new year of reading

    1. It is amazing, but then I am slightly addicted to anything cooking related at the moment. I also bought Jane Eyre today, despite already having a copy, but mine is covered in writing from my Sixth Form studies!

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