Period Drama Challenge


Thank you to Breadcrumb Reads for introducing me to another interesting challenge I am planning on taking part in this year. Old Fashioned Charm is hosting a challenge based on period dramas and reviewing different films and TV programmes of this genre. I am rubbish at watching films and shockingly for someone who reads so much I have a short attention span for films and TV programmes and always need something else to do at the same time to hold my attention. However I have a whole host of BBC period dramas upstairs that I haven’t watched as well as countless other DVDs so I think this challenge will be the driving force I need to ensure I finally watch some of these.

I am going to aim for 5-10 period dramas, but I am not going to list which ones as I find randomly choosing them when the mood strikes me as a better way of getting me watching films.


6 thoughts on “Period Drama Challenge

      1. Oh I have so many recommendations! Here are a few of my ultimate favourites that come to mind Sense and Sensibility (1995), The Secret Garden (1993), Elizabeth (1998), Last of the Mohicans (1992), The Young Victoria (2009), Emma (BBC 2009), and Bleak House (BBC 2005). Happy viewing, just ask if you want some more 🙂

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