A Slightly Belated January Round-Up!

This post pretty much does what it says on the tin. It has been a while since I did a monthly round up and what with it being a New Year maybe it is time to make this a regular feature.

I feel like the New Year was such a long time ago, especially as due to Easter dates and half term, I am off on half term again as of Friday. Teaching is a strange career in terms of time passing, as I am two days short of the halfway point in my NQT year, but I feel as though I have been teaching forever, and yet there is so much for me still to learn. Luckily, I am still loving it, but yes time is an odd thing in my life at the moment.

But back to the reading. January reading consisted of:

Michael Morpurgo’s Private Peaceful

Isabel Colegate’s The Shooting Party

Enid Blyton’s Five Go Adventuring Again

Jennifer Worth’s Call the Midwife

I guess technically I should include the Fiona Walker book I read, but I finished it in February so it will have to wait.

I enjoyed all the books I read in January, but I think my stand out read was definitely Call the Midwife. It wasn’t a book I had ever really thought about as I can’t say I am particularly interested in nursing or midwifery, however I loved this book. It was easy to read and Worth’s style was simplistic and engaging.

I am surprised with how much I read over the month as it has been a busy start to the year and as I said teaching, although going well, is still as hectic and manic as always. Hopefully this will keep up during February, but despite half term next year I don’t have high hopes. I am off to London for a few days to the theatre and I am moving house (yay!) so I think half term will be far from relaxing.

February Plans

I am currently reading Life of Pi; I only started it last night so it is too early to discuss this book yet. I think I should read something related to one of my challenges, either Turn of the Century or The Classic Club, but I tend to pick and choose as the mood takes me. Unusually for me I am reading two books at once; in my eyes the second one doesn’t count as a ‘real’ book. I am teaching To Kill a Mockingbird and having read a few reviews on Connell Guides I bought the one for Lee’s novel.


So far it is an amazing and valuable critical perspective of the novel; I shall definitely be using some snippets in my lessons and I would wholeheartedly recommend this regardless of whether you are a Literature student or not. It is great to learn more about such a much loved novel and I can feel another Connell Guide purchase coming soon.

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