February Round Up!

February has been an exciting and fast paced month with lots of changes, stress, fun and not as much reading as I would have liked. The biggest, and most significant, change in my life has been my move. Before I lived in a town about 10 miles outside of the city, which sounds close, but I was too far away from work, my friends, life in general to have a social life and I was getting a tad grumpy. Now I am in the city centre, can easily walk to the shops and my friends are super close so we can easily grab a coffee etc after school (which we did today and which is aiding my macaroon addiction!). So yes I am a happy bean again!

February half term was a welcome break, especially as Mummy and I had big plans. Mum turned 50 this year and as a special treat I bought tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera in London. Phantom is Mum’s favourite musical and her love for it has spread to me and my sister. All of us have been to see it at least once, although I was sat up with the Gods and have watched the film and stage version DVDs countless times, however I have never been to the theatre with Mum. We had amazing seats in the stalls, where the view was excellent, and of course the production was incredible. I was prepared with the tissues for the second half as I knew I would cave and have a little cry; I just can’t help it, I feel so sorry for the poor Phantom! The music is spine chillingly beautiful and I loved every moment, as did Mummy, which was what I wanted. We spent the night in London (right in the heart of theatre land) and spent a lovely day moseying around Covent Garden, Harrods and the V&A before we had to venture home. I couldn’t quite believe that Harrods sold pets, so we had to go and see that. Sadly there weren’t any there, however we were both shocked to discover that they sell pugs for £3000! My sister has a slightly naughty little pug puppy, who spends most of her time terrorising our labrador, but she was a bargain in comparison. The Harrods Food Hall is beautifully quaint and I did indulge in a macaroon there too. I’m obsessed! We went to the V&A as Mummy has never been and I always love looking around the Theatre section. I was pleased to see that the newly refurbished Fashion section has reopened and loved looking at fashion through the ages…oh to live in the 1920s, the clothes were spectacular!

I have a built in wardrobe in my new flat, however the doors are horribly bare so I am determined to cover these in beautiful postcards and posters and made a start at the V&A. Ideally I would like a retro French style poster or two, but these will be a good start.


The tutu costume from Black Swan


An Edwardian tile.

In between all this and school I did do some reading.

Tongue in Cheek by Fiona Walker

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

<em>Someone at a Distance by Dorothy Whipple

I also finished by reread of To Kill A Mockingbird as I am teaching that at the moment.

I loved all of my reads for February, but for me Life of Pi was the biggest surprise and I absolutely adored it. I have been busy recommending it to everyone I meet.

I also took part in The Classics Club Spin, and my book is Villette by Charlotte Bronte. I studied Jane Eyre at Sixth Form, but haven’t read any other C. Bronte, so it should be an interesting read, although I’m not sure about the French bits; maybe it is time to learn French at long last. I was a little sad that the spin didn’t land on one of the books I actually own, but now I live within walking distance of the city library I can hardly complain! In fact I have been there this evening to take out even more books…oh dear!

On that note I am off to finish my current read!


3 thoughts on “February Round Up!

  1. Sounds like you had a good month, and your trip with your mom sounds wonderful. I haven’t visited the V&A but would love too especially the theatre and fashion sections! Here’s hoping March is as good if not even better for you 🙂

    1. Thank you! I feel I have been too quiet on the blog front this month. Yes, you have to go to the V&A it is beautiful and so huge you could easily get lost and spend all day there.

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