July Round Up

Where have I been for the whole of July? Well, not the whole of it but a pretty large portion of July has seen me disappear from the blogging world for a few weeks and I very aware I have been neglecting it! The first, and arguably most important bit of news is….


I used to love Recess as a child so I think this is a fitting picture to describe July for me!

Yes I am currently one week into my first ever summer holidays as a teacher and I couldn’t be happier. I passed my NQT year, which means next year I’ll be an actual real teacher eek! Scary! In the chaos of end of term I have managed to do some reading and have organised my classroom for next year too. I also have a few home improvement projects on the go (more of which later).

The only book I have posted a review on in July is Anthony Quinn’s Half of the Human Race.

However I have been doing some other reading across the month too. The first book I picked up after this was Score by Jilly Cooper. Now I am aware that I harp on about my love of Jilly Cooper every few months – imagine my poor family who get it constantly – and I decided that maybe I didn’t want to post about this book. I LOVE Cooper’s novels, but I wanted to just read it and enjoy the reread rather than think of a different way to discuss the book on my blog. Sometimes I guess it is just nice to read a book and know that if you don’t want to write about it you don’t have to.

After my return to Cooper I moved on to a new author: Georgette Heyer. Heyer’s is a name I frequently hear and I was listening to a recommendation on BBC Radio 4’s A Good Read when I decided I needed to know what all the fuss was about. I found The Unfinished Clue in a charity shop and unfortunately for me the word ‘unfinished’ extended to my reading of it. I just could not get into the book; maybe it was the mood I was in but I gave up about 100 pages in. Maybe I’ll give Heyer another chance soon, especially as this was not a regency novel but set in the opening of the 20th century.

I swiftly moved on to my current read, the amazing Game of Thrones. I did cheat and watched the TV show before I read the book, but EVERYONE was talking about it and I just had to see it. I quickly became addicted and stormed through season one. I am determined to read the second book before I watch season two though. Expect a review soon as I am off on holiday on Saturday.

I moved flats about six months ago and due to work and time issues my flatmate and I haven’t don’t a great deal in terms of making the place very homely. I am on a mission to change this and spruce up various bits of furniture and make sure we actually have an actual dining room table and chairs before September. I have made a start on my desk chair today and I am very pleased with the result.


I fear this may become a new addiction!


3 thoughts on “July Round Up

    1. I’m tempted to buy the second and third book as they are in a deal in waterstones, but I already have a quite a few books ready for my holiday. Maybe I’ll cave when I’m in town tomorrow.

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