August Round Up

So August has drawn to a close and on the eve of my return to work I thought I would blog about the books I have read this summer and the things I have been busy doing whilst enjoying my first summer holiday as a teacher. It has gone by quite quickly, but I am very much looking forward to the challenges of a new school year, as is my bank balance. And if I start mourning for those lazy summer days of pottering around in the sunshine, well I have a holiday in the sunshine booked for the October half term.

What have I been busy reading this summer?

Game of Thrones by George R.R.Martin

Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

An array of Agatha Christie

Jane and Prudence by Barbara Pym

I have also read an extra Agatha Christie I have not blogged about and Scarlet by Cathy Cassidy, which I am going to teach to my Year 8s. I took part in The Classics Club Spin Number Three and this time I have landed on another Dickens – The Mystery of Edwin Drood, which I intend to pick up once school is up and running properly.

Now I haven’t spent all summer holidays just reading; I enjoyed a week in Devon and some time back home, as well as various adventures with my friends. One of my biggest projects has been to make the flat look a tad more homely. I moved in back in February and my housemate and I have not find the time to make it look as beautiful as we like. Therefore I have spent a lot of the summer painting furniture and my proudest achievement is undoubtedly my new dining room table; a £25 eBay bargain.


Overall a relaxing and enjoyable summer holidays! Now it is off to bed for an early night ready for the craziness to begin!


One thought on “August Round Up

  1. I’m pleased to hear you had a pleasant and productive Summer holiday. I love the table! I have also been rather productive organising my life in the break. Part of me is glad school is starting back up now though 🙂

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