‘Fessing Up…


In an attempt to stop myself disappearing entirely for the rest of the month I have decided to take part in this meme on Good Books Good Wine’s blog. And so the first part of the challenge…

15 Book Related Confessions

1. Something my family know only too well…I have no book self control! I can’t walk past a bookshop without going in and I often end up buying something, adding to the mountain of books I have stored up for a hibernation.

2. I’m very reluctant to lend my books to ANYBODY and yes I include close friends and family in this…what if they ruined my beautiful book.

3. My family and friends seem to think I have a strong aversion to folding the pages down in books, so on the rare occasions I lend them a book they are always so careful to find and use bookmarks. I DON’T have a strong hatred of folded pages, in fact I do it myself; I just don’t want to tell them in case they fold too much.

4. I like all books in a series to match, even if it means buying the same book more than once.

5. I have a tendency to take out library books, leave them on my bedroom floor for a few weeks and then return them unread. Yes, it is not the wisest thing, but I like to think I’m conning the government into believing my local library is incredible well used and valuable (which it is)

6. I try to be good and read a book before seeing the film/TV show and this often works.

7. Saying that I have bought many books based solely on having seen the film/TV show, so maybe this doesn’t work as well as I like to think.

8. I find it incredibly difficult to read more than one book at a time.

9. I tend to read the books I want and not ones that I feel I should have read, unless we are talking about nineteenth century novels, then I’m a book snob.

10. I love listening to audiobooks as I drive and when I’m going to sleep…I fear this may one day lead to a terrible accident.

11. I feel it is my mission in life to force books and reading on everyone I meet.

12. I try so hard to read poetry, but I find I don’t unless I’m teaching it. Perhaps it should be a resolution soon.

13. I like to read EVERYWHERE! The bath poses some difficulty, especially as one poor book once fell in, this was about five years ago, but I am still haunted by the memory. Thanks to the Kindle and electric toothbrushes I have mastered the art of reading and cleaning my teeth.

14. If I go to an independent bookshop I feel as though I have to buy something to help defeat the giants of Waterstones and Amazon, and yes I still buy books from the giants as well.

15. I have about 80 unread books (bookcase and kindle). I know this, I’m aware of this and yet I can’t stop buying more and more books.


4 thoughts on “‘Fessing Up…

  1. I love for my books to match as well!…though I’m not obsessed with buying another copy of a book just to match it up with the rest…I’m stingy like that 😀

    8 is me too. I find it hard to read more than one book at a time as well. I have tried…but my attention then gets scattered, and I’m not able to enjoy anything as much as I could had it my undivided attention. Poetry is a problem for me too…and these days most of my reading happens in the bathroom!!

    And only 80 books on your Kindle? Wow! I think I have over 200 ebooks lying unread, and I still can’t resist getting more!! However, I tend to finish the ones on my shelf. Currently there are only about 7 or 8 unread ones there…

    1. I show quite a lot of self control when buying books on the Kindle. I have about 80 books on my bookcase still to read, I not sure about the Kindle, but it isn’t as much. 7/8 unread books is amazing, if I ever get to that amount I’ll be shocked/proud of myself.

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