Bedtime Reading


It is 430 on a Sunday after a night out and it is taking all my self control not to climb into bed right now and writing about my bedtime ritual is not going to help.

Do I have a bedtime reading ritual? I think I half do. Since moving to my flat back in February I have probably begun reading more in bed as my TV is in the living room and not my room. I quite like this arrangement as it means I read more in bed and only have the iPad to distract me with TV programmes I actually want to watch, as opposed to crap I just put on. I went through a stage of trying to read for a least half an hour before I went to sleep, but now I just read however much I want/feel like, something which works well for a busy work schedule.

All this talk of bed and books is making me sleepy again, so roll on bedtime!

Second post following Good Books Good Wine’s meme


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