October Round Up


I am going to add my voice to the chorus of people proclaiming ‘I cannot believe it is the end of October already. Where has the time gone?’ My own little chorus is echoed with a ‘I can’t believe half term is almost over, do I have to go back to school?’ Autumn is by far by favourite time of the year, not just because of my birthday, but because I love the weather, the colours, wrapping up warm and drinking lots of yummy drinks. It is also one of the busiest times work wise for me, which sadly has an impact on my reading. Luckily I have managed to relax and get some reading done this month.

I have a review pending for Dot Scribbles which I will post in time.

I started on a little crime novel spree this month and began with Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie. I think all the adverts for the final four episodes of Poirot started this and as one episode was filmed at Agatha Christie’s house Greenway, I chose to read another novel set there. I watched Dead Man’s Folly with my mum in the week and it was good to see some of the pales we visited on our holiday. I’m a little sad there are only two more episodes to go.

The cast of Dead Man’s Folly at Greenway.

The next stop on my crime spree was Martina Cole’s The Lady Killer. This was the first Cole novel I had read and although it was a fairly good read I can’t say I am dashing for the library to pick up another one. It was a good holiday read though. On the plane home form Malta I began the latest Bridget Jones but it didn’t grab my attention, so I have put it aside for now and moved on to A Clash of Kings the next instalment in George R.R.Martin’s Game of Thrones series, which is much more gripping and exciting.

October is also my birthday month and although I don’t appreciate edging closer to 30 than I am 20, I do love birthdays! No birthday is complete with some new additions to my bookcase and I was pleased to add the following Persephone Books to my collection.


Who knows when I shall get round to reading them, but I am already planning which friends might enjoy a Persephone read for Christmas presents. And so on to Novemeber! I do love fireworks!


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