Me and Mr Jones

Back in September (surely not that long ago?) I volunteered to review a book for Dot. This is the second time I have reviewed a book for Dot – the first one is here – and I was pleased to receive another book and postcard in the mail ready for me to read and enjoy. This time I received Me and Mr Jones by Lucy Diamond, a chick lit novel based on three very different brothers and the women who love/fall for them.


First the eldest brother, Hugh, whose wife Alicia is dreading the imminent approach of her fortieth birthday; she wants fun and excitement, a chance to spice up her happy, but somewhat plodding along, marriage. Then there is David, who has been made redundant and seems slightly lost, none of this is helped by his wife, Emma’s desperate quest to have a child. And finally, the younger brother, Charlie, a bit of a ladies’ man who, whilst charming, is hardly what one would call reliable, so it is with good reason that Izzy has her doubts about getting too close, especially considering her relationship history. On top of this, the brothers’ parents are contemplating selling the childhood home and B&B, leaving a chance for new and exciting business opportunities well and truly open…for anyone brave enough to win the admiration of the dreaded mother-in-law that is.

I love a good chick lit novel and I feel they have been slightly missing from my reading in recent months, and whilst I have not read any previous work by Lucy Diamond, I was eager to pick up Me and Mr Jones. It came at a time where I was at a go slow with my personal reading; school had started to take over my life and the book I was attempting to read was far too dense, meaning I wasn’t getting much enjoyment out of the limited time I had for reading.

And then I began Me and Mr Jones. It was the perfect, relaxed, easy going read for those evenings where I just couldn’t summon the energy to move too far, or concentrate too hard. This is not to say it is a basic, easy read, but it is certainly an enjoyable, light hearted one. There were times when I felt the plot was a tad too predictable (not that I minded) and then something completely unexpected would happen. There was one particular incident when I actually exclaimed ‘no way’ out loud during my reading because I was so shocked, and no I am not going to spoil it by saying which part. I loved how it ended on a cheerful and promising note and how Diamond successfully conveyed the message about first appearances being decieiving.

Overall this was an enjoyable, light hearted read that certainly landed through my letterbox at the right time and I look forward to reading more of Diamond’s work in the future.


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