Not snowed in…

…just snowed under!

I feel as though I haven’t caught up with the blogging world for weeks and when I look back through my posts I can see that this is the case. I haven’t completely disappeared from the blogging world, I have just been crazy busy with work the past few weeks and I have been a tad here, there and everywhere. I am currently holding out for Friday when I break up for the holidays and can FINALLY relax and start fully getting into the Christmas spirit.

It has not all been work, work, work for me though; I have managed to have enjoyable weekends, with a roller disco party (amazing!), visits from family and a trip to London to visit one of my best friends last weekend. And the best bit about a London trip…I finally got to visit the Persephone Bookshop!


Of course a visit to a bookshop is never complete without at least one purchase and it was tricky to choose a book which wasn’t on my Christmas list.


All this work has left little time for reading, but I am hoping to be back with a post on Tess of the D’Urbervilles at the weekend.


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