The Mysterious Affair at Styles


The Mysterious Affair at Styles is the novel where Agatha Christie first introduces her infamous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot. Hastings is visiting a childhood friend in the country and lo and behold who is living in the village, Poirot! It is not long before a murder is committed and thus ensues the usual searching for clues and gathering of suspects. As the first Poirot novel I was particularly pleased that the murderer chose poison as their weapon of choice, considering Christie’s expertise in the area.

I love Chrisite’s novels, both reading them, watching them and listening to them and The Mysterious Affair at Styles didn’t disappoint. It was full of everything I expected from a Christie novel; a choice of suspects; a few red herrings; numerous clues and as usual I failed to guess the murderer. Shocking when I think I went through every single character. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with Agatha Christie, her writing is pure genius and I know whenever I pick up any of her work I will be gripped and thoroughly enjoy it. Her work is comforting and nostalgic which I think is why people still love it to this today.

I am going through a complete Christie phrase at the moment. I am off to London to see The Mousetrap in half term, which I am really looking forward to. During the Christmas holidays I bought the audio book for Dead man’s Folly, one of the novels inspired by her country house in Devon, Greenway. Listening to this reminded me of my holiday last August and the lovely time I had in Devon with my mum and the dogs and filled me with a longing for lazy summer days moseying around the countryside and reading in the sunshine…so I have booked a return holiday for this August! Yay!


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