The Classics Club Spin #5


I am in two minds about joining The Classics Club Spin #5, but I missed the last one and I didn’t complete #3, so with a renewed energy I am determined to join again. Due to the fact I am planning to reread a few classics to prepare for teaching after half term, I have gone easy on myself and mainly picked novels I have read before and ones that I already own. Therefore I have one number spare which I am allocating as a free choice, meaning I can pick any other book on the list to read. So below, in a slightly jumbled order is my list.

Books I have studied

1. Northanger Abbey

2. Jane Eyre

3. Lady Audley’s Secret

4. The Moonstone

5. The Hound of the Baskervilles

6. Great Expectations

7. North and South

8. Midnight’ Children

9. East Lynne

10. Free Choice

Pre 1900

11. Persuasion

12. The Woman in White

13. Emma

14. Oliver Twist

15. Sense and Sensibility

16. Far From the Madding Crowd

Post 1900

17. The Great Gatsby

18. The Thirty-Nine Steps

19. The Beautiful and the Damned

20. Howard’s End

The number will be revealed on Monday 10th February and the aim is to have read that book by April 2nd. I’m hoping for a Jane Austen as I am teaching Pride and Prejudice so it would be lovely to have reread another one to support my teaching.

Happy Spinning to all!


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