February Round Up

How on earth is it the first of March already?


I actually cannot believe February is over. And perhaps what I can’t believe more is that I only finished ONE book in the whole of the month! How on earth did that happen?

The only book I finished in February was a Persephone Book, Patience by John Coates. Luckily it is a book on my TBR Pile 2014 so I am glad that I am on track for that as I am aiming to read one book a month and I am currently on 2/12, plus my substitute, so really that’s 3.

So I clearly haven’t been doing much reading – although I am currently rereading Pride and Prejudice as I am teaching it this term- so what have I been doing? Thankfully it hasn’t all been work, work, work, although it certainly feels like that sometimes. February half term sped by and now seems so long ago, but I did manage to go on a trip to London. Mum and I stayed in a lovely boutique hotel in Bloomsbury, which was fabulous and not far from Persephone Books, so of course I added a few more titles to my pile and mum bought her first Persephone too! Whilst in London we went to see Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap; I gave mum tickets as a Christmas present and I am pleased to say that we both enjoyed it so much and, as always with Christie, I didn’t guess who dunnit!

Something else very exciting happened in February. After much deliberation and countless trips to pet shops I am pleased to introduce Rupert (named after a character from a Jilly Cooper novel of course!)


He is so cute and provides a big distractions from work and everything else. He is a house bunny and is currently hopping around the living roo/ chewing my antique bureau, so I think that is my hint to stop writing and play!


2 thoughts on “February Round Up

  1. I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed The Mousetrap I am going to see it in April. Also Rupert is adorable although with him being that colour I would have been tempted to call him Peter 😛

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