March Round Up


Once again I find it is the end of the month and I can’t quite believe where the time has gone! The first three months of this year have been crazy; I have really noticed the increase in workload and this is cutting in to my reading time, boo! Thank goodness it is nearly the Easter holidays when hopefully I will be able to get some much needed relaxation time.

As with the previous few months, my reading has been sparse. I have read two books I have not written about on my blog: Pride and Prejudice which I have blogged about before and The Woman in Black, which I have read in stages due to it being a book I have read before and one I was teaching.

The main book I read this month was Pat Barker’s Regeneration, which I loved. It was also the fourth book from my TBR list and the first book I added to my Reading the Twentieth Century list, a new project I am very excited about.

I eventually picked up my Classics Club Spin book, Howards End, last week. I am certainly enjoying this book and am only a little disappointed that I haven’t quite finished it in time for the 2nd April deadline.

March is also the anniversary month of both my joining the blogging world and joking The Classics Club. I have posted a two year anniversary post for The Classics Club and am planning on doing a belated blog one as soon as the Easter holidays are here. Overall a crazy busy month! >

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