Alphabet Meme

I have seen a few bloggers completing this Alphabet Meme and wanted to get involved, so I asked Anne at Anne’s Space for a letter and she gave me the letter H. H is quite a nice letter, certainly better than Q or X but I have still found some things tricky to pick.

Favourite H Book
This was easy, of course it was going to be Harry Potter, although I wonder if this is cheating as technically this is seven books. If I had to choose just one I think it would be Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix as this was the first book I bought at midnight.


Favourite H Author
This is a new one and I only discovered Victoria Hislop last year but I am keen to read more of her work.


Favourite H Song
This was the hardest category and I had to look on my iPod to choose one/remind me of songs beginning with this letter. I have chosen Blondie’s Heart of Glass, maybe not my favourite ever song, but it reminds me of being young and going on long family car journeys.

Favourite H Film
I love British films and I borrowed The History Boys from a friend when I was at Uni and have loved it ever since. I think it is the Britishness (if I had had the letter C I would have been banging on about Carry On films ha!)


Favourite H object
I don’t know if this is my favourite H object, but I cannot live without my handbag. I am a fan of the biggest handbags I can find as I need to carry a book around with me wherever I go. Yes, I’m aware my handbag is probably full of crap I don’t need to carry around on a daily basis, but I love it all the same and feel naked without it.

I’m interested if anyone else has got involved with this and if so what letter did you have? ;


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