Billy and Me


My sister is not a big reader. I’m not talking ‘she takes forever to read one book’ I’m talking she reads maybe one book a year. Maybe I’m being mean but she calls me when she buys a book and I can count on one hand the book related phone calls I have had. Therefore I’m always a little intrigued by the books she does read, especially the ones she discovers for herself and not the ones I force on her. Billy and Me falls into the former pile.

I took Giovanna Fletcher’s first novel Billy and Me on holiday with me and devoured it in a day. Sophie works in a village tea shop and has done since she finished sixth form eight years ago. She has no strong desire to leave the village, until she meets a tall, handsome man in the tea shop who turns out to be a famous young actor and off they go to London to live happily ever after. This doesn’t last long.

Billy and Me was a great choice for a holiday read and I read it over the course of a day. To a certain extent the language and narrative are pretty simple for want of a better word, but for me this makes a good beach read. There was a mystery surrounding Sophie’s childhood that was hinted at throughout and although you could kind of guess what had happened the whole story wasn’t revealed until nearing the end of the novel which was good as I like a little mystery. There were also a few unexpected, and sad twists, one of which brought a little tear to my eye!

For me one of the best things about Billy and Me was that it was a lovely romance story, no ridiculous sex scenes. I know the irony of this comment as I always rave about Jilly Cooper, but I can forgive her a multitude of sins. I can see where some reviewers are coming from when they say that Billy is too perfect and doesn’t seem to have any major flaws, but we can all dream of that perfect man and if it gets my sister reading, it’s a winner!



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