A French Affair


A French Affair was the fourth book I read on my trip to Malta and my first ever Katie Fforde book. She is an author I have seen in bookshops and the library on numerous occasions but I have never read any of her books. This was a good introduction.

Gina and Sally Makepiece have inherited a stall at the antiques shop The French House. Neither of them know a thing about antiques. However after meeting the owner, Matthew, who is described in the blurb as ‘a modern day Mr Rochester’ they both decide it is worth a shot and that they need to bring The French House into the twenty-first century. In typical chick lit fashion, Gina has moved to the area after a break up and is looking for a fresh start and of course you just know something is going to happen with Matthew.

A French Affair was another good, chick lit style read for my summer holiday. As with some of my other reads there were times when the narrative was predictable, but it still threw up a few surprises. I liked the comparison to Matthew as Mr Rochester, especially as at one point there was a description of Matthew and his dog which was reminiscent of one of the descriptions of Mr R and Pilot, so I did like that literary nod. This was a lovely introduction to Fforde’s writing and I am sure it won’t be the last of her novels I read.

I’m a little sad as this is my last blog post on books from Malta, luckily I’m off to Devon and Agatha Christie’s country home for a week tomorrow so I won’t have the holiday blues for long.

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