Peril At End House


Whilst on holiday on the Cornish Riviera Hercule Poirot is alarmed to hear the pretty Nick Buckley mention her recent ‘accidental brushes with death.’ A painting nearly crushed her in her bed, a falling boulder narrowly missed her and the brakes on her car failed on a particularly dangerous hill. Buckley brushes these near misses aside, but when Poirot notices a bullet hole in her hat, Poirot is convinced she is in danger and is determined to find the killer before another attempt is made on Buckley’s life.

And for my second Agatha Christie holiday choice I went for a Poirot novel and I was happy to read of the Belgian detective’s latest case. I mentioned in my previous review that I missed the familiar sleuth in a Christie novel so to discover Poirot fully involved in this case was great. This was a cleverly plotted novel (when is it ever not clever with Chrisite?) and I liked how the previous attempts on Buckley’s life gave a clear starting point with which to begin my own deductive skills and created a sense of mystery and time running out right from the start. Poirot was a little stumped by this crime and wrote a very handy list of suspects with possible motives and questions he needed answering which was fantastic as a reader as it helped focus on the suspects and evidence for when I tried to guess the murderer. In terms of reading I found this novel more engaging towards the end and I certainly experienced the whole ‘can’t put it down until I know who dunnit’ feeling. Of course I didn’t guess the murderer, but I did enjoy the novel and the gathering of suspects that is associated with Christie novels.


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