November Round Up


November has been a terrible reading month for me. I only finished one book and I am halfway through the second; this means I have read roughly 600 pages in November and that really isn’t very much. I feel I have been putting aside time to read as well so I am not sure what has happened. November has been busy in the fact that I moved flats, so admittedly a lot of my free time has been spent packing, unpacking and organising the new flat. Things at work have also been hectic, as they always are at this time of the year and an old uni friend came to visit this weekend so I have spent my time gossiping and laughing at how ridiculous we used to be, even though we actually only left uni five years ago.

In November I read:

Down Under by Bill Bryson, which I read as part of Australia Reading Month and to get me in the mood for some planning for my own trip to Australia next year.

I started Charlotte Gray by Sebastian Faulks, which is the last book on my TBR Pile 2014 and it is this book that I am currently reading. Hopefully I might finish it by this time next week.

Due to the limited reading, I haven’t made much progress with any of my challenges, but never mind, I’m quite happy with how they are progressing at the moment.

Overall November has been a crazy month and one that went by far too quickly. I am beginning to feel slightly Chrsitmasy now, but I don’t think that will truly kick in for a few more weeks.


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