TBR Pile 2014 Final Post!


I have completed my 2014 To Be Read Pile (master post). There have been a few changes and hiccups along the way, but I have read twelve of the books from my list and I am feeling pretty smug about the whole thing right now. My list is written below, but some of my highlights are:

Best Read
This is a tough one as lots of the books on there were brilliant reads, but in my current mood if I had to choose one it would be World Without End as it was a mammoth read, but I loved every page of it and was completely wrapped up in the world of Medieval England.

Biggest Surprise
The book I was most worried about was The Six Wives of Henry VIII mainly because it was the only non-fiction read on my list and I don’t read non-fiction very often. I read the book in stages, which certainly made it more manageable, but I also found my reading of historical fiction and watching of TV programmes like The Tudors helped with my understanding as I already knew the major characters.

Biggest Disappointment
Easily The Stranger’s Child . I just did not get along with the narrative and found it such a hard book to get into. I don’t know if this was because I read it when I was on a school trip or because I just didn’t engage with it; I am inclined to think it was the latter.

The One I Didn’t Get Round To
Elizabeth Taylor’s Short Stories. I find short stories quite difficult to read as they aren’t something I read very often. I am a little annoyed I didn’t get round to reading any of these (although there is still some time this year) but I never quite felt in the mood.

Overall I loved taking part in the TBR Challenge and I loved it so much I am taking part again in 2015. My list has already been complied and is here and I look forward to the ups and downs of reading this list and another fabulous reading year.

2014 List
1. My Cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurier (Kindle)
2. Love in a Cold Climate by Nancy Mitford
3. Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh
4. Regeneration by Pat Barker
5. The Stranger’s Child by Alan Hollinghurst (Kindle)
6. Girl with the Pearl Earring by Tracey Chevalier
7. World Without End by Ken Follett
8. Charlotte Grey by Sebastian Faulks
9. The Six Wives of Henry VIII by Antonia Fraser
10. Patience by John Coates
11. Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H.Lawrence
12. Elizabeth Taylor Short Stories (this might be cheating as it is short stories, but I am aiming to read at least half of them).
Reserve – The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien

6 thoughts on “TBR Pile 2014 Final Post!

  1. Please make time for Elizabeth Taylor’s short stories – she is a wonderful story writer. There was a time when I thought I didn’t like short stories, but reading great short stories by real artists of the form cured me of that.

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