2015 Reading Challenges


I am taking part in a few reading challenges in 2015, some that I have already started and some new ones too. I always debate joining different challenges because I’m not very good at sticking to deadlines, however I have found it easier to take part in challenges that are a year long, so I have chosen a few more of these.

2015 Challenges I am still completing:

The Classics Club. I joined the club when I first started blogging in 2012 and although I have been steadily plodding along with my list of 50 books, I’m not making fantastic progress. I have currently read 17 of my 50 books (I’m on number 18 now) which isn’t really very good for over halfway through the challenge, so hopefully 2015 will see me reading a few more.

Reading the Twentieth Century. I started this project earlier this year and I am slowly working through it. I haven’t set myself a deadline as I like the idea that it is easy going and not pressurised. I am currently just shy of the 20% mark on my list, so things are going well.

2015 New Challenges:

TBR Pile 2015. I took part in the TBR Pile for the first time this year and I really enjoyed it. I had 13 books on my list and read 12 of them, which is the target. I liked this challenge as it allowed me to read some of the books that had been languishing on my shelves for longer than a year and because it was a year long challenge I didn’t feel as though I ought to be reading a book from that list in order to complete it. Hopefully I will be as successful with my list in 2015.

Reading England. This is my latest challenge and I did debate joining it. The idea is to read books from different counties in England and set yourself a target of how many counties you think you will read. I mostly read British literature so this should be ideal for me. I am also hoping that it will help with ticking books off of some of my other lists, especially The Classics Club.

I think I might try and limit it to these challenges for the year and try and focus on them, but as always I am bound to get swept up in some other challenges that take my fancy as the year progresses.


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