A Feast For Crows


Title: A Feast For Crows
Author: George R. R. Martin
Published: 2005
Challenges: None
Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The war for the Iron Throne is still raging through the Seven Kingdoms. The Lannisters have a king on the throne but their reign is by no means secure and there are many who are just waiting to see them fall. There are ever increasing signs that winter is well and truly on the way and with the corpses hanging from trees or floating down rivers at every turn, it is clear Westeros is a kingdom rife with uncertainty and devastation.

Ceresi Lannister is desperately trying to protect her young son, Tommen, the King. However with her allies gradually disappearing and her growing hatred towards the Tyrells and the young Queen, she is becoming increasingly more reckless in her actions. She has also severed ties with her twin, Jaime, who having lost his sword hand in the last novel, is trying his best to re-establish his authority by capturing Riverrun, despite his oath to Catelyn Stark to never harm a Tully or Stark. Sansa Stark is in hiding at The Eyrie masquerading as The Lord Protector’s daughter, the safest way to keep hidden from Cersei’s wrath. Her younger sister, Arya, has escaped the Seven Kingdoms and is attempting – unsuccessfully – to forge a life as a nobody away from the troubles she left behind. Brienne, is on a quest to find Sansa before Cersei’s spies find her. Samwell has left The Wall to protect Maester Aemon and to travel to the Citadel to become a Maester himself. Although obviously none of it is as simple as I make out, but then I am loathe to give away too many spoilers.

My Opinion
Those who read my blog regularly know that I am a huge fan of this series (A Song of Fire and Ice) and of my intentions to read the books before I watch anymore of the series. It was released over the weekend that Season Five starts in April, so I might try and read the following two books before then, as avoiding spoilers is so hard. However back to this book. A Feast For Crows has been my least favourite book in the series so far. Although it follows the same narrative style as the previous books, I found it difficult to follow in places and new characters were introduced who I didn’t quite understand/ care much about. I was also missing some of my favourite characters – Jon Snow and Tyrion in particular – although Martin does explain his reasons for excluding them from this book and they do make sense, I still missed them. As the fate of many characters have been left on cliffhangers, I have a few fears that they will be excluded from the next books and I will have to wait for the following book to be published before finding the answers to my questions, which will be so frustrating. I can only liken it to when the Harry Potter books were released.

That being said, I did of course enjoy the book and in particular I loved the hints as to what might happen next as this allowed me to start developing my own theories as to the fates of the different characters. Cersei is the character I have the most theories about, especially in terms of will she survive or not and how will she meet her fate. My friend has finished the series and has her own ideas, so I am looking forward to completing it myself and chatting with her. I am tempted to start re watching the TV series, well the two I have, just to see if there is anything else I have missed or any clues as to what will come, but that might have to wait.

A Feast For Crows is a vital part of the book series and obviously this is not a series you can read out of sequence, but it certainly wasn’t my favourite of the books so far. As always I look forward to reading the next book and seeing how the characters progress on their different journeys, but for the time being I think I need a mini break from ginormous reads and I am going to make a start on my TBR Pile 2015.


4 thoughts on “A Feast For Crows

  1. I have the first two books on my TBR pile, but they are so long that I don’t feel like I will be reading them anytime soon. I hear great things about the series, though.

  2. I had to skim read and skip a few parts of this so I didn’t catch any spoilers, as this is the books I have to read next, but I am sad to hear that you didn’t enjoy this one as much as previous instalments. I hope things pick up for you in A Dance With Dragons.

    1. Thank you, I tried not to include any obvious spoilers as I too hate them. I am hoping A Dance With Dragons is more enjoyable, I’m sure it will be as I know how much I loved the rest of the series. Hope you enjoy this one when you get round to it.

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