Reading the Twentieth Century – 10% Update


Last year I decided to take part in my own little Reading the Twentieth Century project. I haven’t set myself a deadline, instead I am running this alongside some of my other projects and hoping books fit in. I am interested to see which decades I complete first/last and which author appears the most, although I think I can already guess that one. When I posted my first update at the 10% mark I was debating whether or not to include just one book from each author, but I have decided against this. I would quite like to see which authors appear more than once.

Here I am at the 20% mark and I have ticked off a few more decades, although I still haven’t completed one.

One from the 1900s (The Hound of the Baskervilles)
One from the 1910s (Peter Pan)
Three from the 1930s (Peril at End House, Murder Underground and Dumb Witness)
One from the 1940s (A House in the Country)
One from the 1950s (Ordeal by Innocence)
One from the 1970s (Bella)
Two from the 1990s (Ian Fleming and Girl with a Pearl Earring)

New decades for this update include the 1900s, 1930s and the 1970s, with three books from the 1930s in this update alone. The 1990s is still the most read decade at the moment as I have read five books from this decade, if I include 2000, which I realise actually makes my list 101 books long, but I have never been that good at maths. At the moment Agatha Christie is the most read author and I have a feeling this might stay the same throughout the challenge. The only decade without a read so far is the 1960s so maybe that will be ticked off by the next update.

It is difficult to choose a favourite read from this 10% but if I had to choose it would be A House in the Country as it wasn’t what I expected and I really enjoyed it. Equally my least favourite book wasn’t what I expected: Murder Underground. I think I have been spoilt by too much Agatha Christie and when I read a book from the same genre and era and it doesn’t live up to it I certainly notice.

Another great 10% completed from my list and I wonder how long it will take me to reach the next 10%.


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