Withering Tights

Title: Withering Tights
Author: Louise Rennison
Published: 2010
Challenges: TBR Pile 2015, Reading England
Rating: 2 and a half out of 5 stars

Talulah Casey – cousin of Rennison’s famous female protagonist, Georgia Nicholson – is off to a drama summer school in Yorkshire. At 14 she is completely obsessed with fitting in, changing her insecurities and having her first snog with a boy. The school is set in the wild Yorkshire countryside and because of this their summer performance is inspired by Bronte’s Wuthering Heights . Tallulah, after spending a few weeks feeling like the least drama-y (not a word I know) person at the school is offered the lead role of Heathcliffe. Will she put on a performance to ensure she passes the course and returns to the school as a pupil, or will her performance be memorable for all the wrong reasons?

My Thoughts
As a teenager I devoured the Georgia Nicholson series of books and loved the main character and all her crazy antics, so when I saw Withering Tights for 99p on the Kindle I knew I had to buy it. And there it remained, languishing on the Kindle until I decided to add it to my TBR Pile 2015. When I picked it up recently I was expecting to be transported back to my teenage years and the enjoyment I found in the Georgia Nicholson books. This was my first mistake. I forgot that I was no longer a 14 year old girl; I’m 27 years old. I couldn’t relate to the character at all. Yes, I vaguely remember worrying about whether or not anyone was EVER going to kiss me and panicking because I was so much taller than all the boys I went to school with, but at some point I grew up. I’m not saying I don’t worry about things anymore, but now it is more along the lines of money, work, where will I live (my flat is being sold so I need to move out *sob*) and if my boyfriend’s friends will like me. Ok, I’ll admit the last one is a little bit like the teenage characters in Rennison’s books, but at least I’m not spending hours fretting about how to snog someone.

I can’t put this slight negativity down to the fact I am now adult as I have read other books aimed at teenagers and enjoyed them. I guess I was hoping for something a bit meatier and full of scandal and secrets (Pretty Little Liars style). That being said, I can fully appreciate how Withering Tights appeals to teenage girls, whose biggest worries are often fitting in and kissing boys, so for the target audience it’s great, just not a book that I feel crosses the teen-adult reading barrier.

Withering Tights counts towards two of my reading challenges, one I didn’t even think about. It is the fourth book in my TBR Pile 2015 and ticks Yorkshire off the list for Reading England.


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