Blog Update


After much thought I have decided it is time to refresh and update my blog. I have been feeling a tad disconnected with the whole blog at the moment and it was long overdue a revamp, so in a bid to avoid packing for my imminent move and school work, I have had a good sit down (on my laptop, not my usual ipad post) and restyled LindyLit. I mean it might not be a huge visual change, but I have decided to include a page for all posts related to Australia and my upcoming trip to the other side of the world and a page dedicated to ‘Lifestyle’ things, such as beauty product reviews, cooking and recipes and just general moseying about posts. I’m hoping this becomes more of an online journal/scrapbook of all the things I love doing and I’m geekily excited about the idea. I’m currently resisting the urge to write millions of blog posts, but I’m hoping that my move to including more than just books and reading will make my blog more active, especially as the whole moving thing (and my addiction to Pretty Little Liars on Netflix) has slowed my reading down for the time being.


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