Australia Planning


On a trip to Paris my friend and I were discussing things we wanted to do before we were 30, now I know I have a few years left, but judging how quickly a school year flies by I’m sure it will be here before I can blink *sob*. Top of my list was to travel outside of Europe and for a while I debated an American road trip with a friend of mine, but then I had a rethink. For years I have been saying I would one day make it to Australia; during my Masters I worked in an Australian bar and I have kept in touch with someone I worked with and I have always said I would visit one day. So I’m sure I hoped this new ‘Things to do Before I’m Thirty’ challenge would be the push I needed to book that plane ticket…luckily it was.

I began thinking about booking my flights last summer, I even bought The Lonely Planet Guide to inspire me. I have always avoided travel guides as they turn me into a green eyed monster as I am jealous of all the people who get to visit these exciting places so I knew that buying the book would be a big decider. For weeks I flicked through the travel guide, sticking post it notes on pages and places I knew I definitely wanted to visit, deciding travelling along the East Coast was the best way to spend my time. I even got a credit card so I could put the flights on that instead of relying on my saving skills. And then my flatmate decided she was moving to the Midlands.

When my flatmate said she was moving I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to afford to live alone and travel on my mini adventure. I knew I didn’t want to live with anyone else again; there’s something about living with people who aren’t your family, partner or friends that I just couldn’t cope with any longer – possibly the drink rings on the kitchen sides or the dried up contact lenses that occasionally fell out of the washing machine. I’m no saint to live with either to balance out the moaning. After much deliberation and poor maths skills on my part I just thought ‘sod it’ and booked the flights anyway. Yes it is a pain trying to pay all the bills, but let’s be cliched and say ‘you only live once’.

I booked my flights back in October and I have done some planning in preparation for my trip, but I could probably do with another good sit down to go over everything…and book somewhere for me to sleep when I’m over there. For months I was essentially just turning up in a strange country, but now I have a loose plan and a few months to go to make ensure I make the most of my time over there.

I’ll just get move number two of the past six months out of the way and then I will return to organising far more exciting Australia related things.


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