This April I Have…


…updated my blog.

I decided it was time for a change and in a bid to broaden my blog and discuss more than just books I have gone for a new look and decided to include more posts on life in general, especially my trip to Australia.  I love the idea of making this more of an online journal and including all the things I love. 

…moved house (again).

I moved into my own flat six months ago and have loved living on my own and the freedom and peace that this brings.  Unfortunately (or not as is now the case) my landlord decided to sell my flat so I had to get out.  Instead of finding somewhere new in this city and leaving it empty for a month I have decided to move back home to Mum’s for a few months.  It will be a long commute – although I might stay at my boyfriend’s  some of the time – but I will be saving money which will be fab for Australia.  So all my furniture and the vast amount of my belongings moved last weekend, leaving me sleeping on an air bed and living a little bit like a student for ten days.  There was a huge and scary row on another floor in the flats a few weeks ago so in hindsight it’s a good job I’m moving. 

…read books of course.

Although I haven’t been reading as much as I would have liked, mainly due to the bore of packing boxes. 

Bridget Jones’ Diary: Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding.  I read this as part of my TBR Pile 2015.

A Dance with Dragons: After the Feast by George. R. R. Martin

Mariana by Monica Dickens which counts towards my TBR Pile 2015 and I’m debating adding it to Reading England as some of the novel is set in Somerset.  Ooo and it counts for Reading the Twentieth Century.

I have also been reading two other books on the side, well dipping in to them.  One of them I found in my boyfriend’s house which is shocking as he isn’t a reader; it is about murderers but hopefully that’s not a sign. 

…been watching.


Pretty Littel Liars on Netflix and I am obsessed! I read the first five books in the series in January and loved them so I was initially a bit reluctant to watch the TV programme.  After a few episodes I completely forgot about the books and just became engrossed in the series.  It is so addictive and I love the mystery element of it.  I think this is why my reading has taken a little bit of a backseat as I have become Netflix obsessed.  One of my friends is also watching the series on Netflix and although I have overtaken her we still gossip about the show and send OMG texts at dramatic events. 

…joined The National Trust.


I worked for The National Trust for a number of years and due to this I always had a staff card so I could visit properties for free.  On Easter Monday my boyfriend and I went with some friends to Kingston Lacy, which is one of my favourite National Trust properties.  I love the Edwardian feel and the ‘tent’ bedrooms at the top of the house.  When we were there I tentatively approached the subject of joining as a couple and luckily – despite his ‘rock god’ (ha!) image – he agreed and now we always have somewhere to go at weekends.  And I even convinced my mum to join as well so that when I’m home we can go to different places, especially as there are lots of properties around there.  


One thought on “This April I Have…

  1. Looks like you had a busy but lovely month. I really should join the National Trust too. I love visiting them and there are plenty of properties round where I live. I hope May is another good month for you and that you fit in some more reading too 🙂

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