Booked Australian Tours

According to an Internet countdown timer I created it is just over 9 weeks until I get on that plane at Heathrow and start a 24 hour trip to Sydney, Australia.  This is both incredibly exciting, a tad surreal and also a bit scary as I currently have nowhere to stay when I am out there.  My Australian friend, who conveniently works for Australian Youth Hostels assures me that he will organise all accommodation for me in June as it needs to be within a certain time period for the best prices, so I’m not panicking just yet.  Instead I’m choosing to focus on what organised trips I would like to do when I am out there.  I have a rough plan of how long I am staying in each place and what I would like to do there and this includes some day trips organised by various companies.  I have booked one already and I’m debating booking the second one soon.  

Blue Mountains


As I look at some of the google images for The Blue Mountains now I’m definitely starting to feel more excited about my trip.  I booked my trip pretty much as soon as I started planning my holiday as my friend said I absolutely had to go to The Blue Mountains.  As with any good trip planning, with the assistance of a friend who is amazing at planning, I did some research into the types of trips available, relying pretty heavily on my Lonely Planet Guide Book and their website and it was through them that I found the following aviator trip

There were various trip options available but I decided to pay slightly more as I know this will be a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity (such a cliche, I know) and in a very geeky way, I love a train ride and the scenery looks amazing.   So I’m off to The Blue Mountains and whilst I’m there I will be going on a Scenic railway, skywalk, cable car and tree top walk; I’m going to get all the views.

Although the sky rail does look slightly scary.  I’m pretty certain a wildlife park is thrown in there as well, to be honest my trip around Australia is basically just going to be me visiting zoos and wildlife parks.  My friends and family are going to love looking at my trip photos. 

Kuranda Railway Trip

Im planning to move north from Sydney, stopping in Newcastle, Brisbane and Cairns and the trip that has most caught my eye is this one to Kuranda near Cairns.  Again,I’m going to opt for the more expensive trip which includes a trip to a wildlife park to see – and hold – koalas and a one way trip on a scenic railway there and then another skyrail back. 



The trip includes stops at a local market and walks on a broadwalk to enjoy the rainforest from the ground too.  The best thing about starting to write about Australia is that I am becoming more excited at the though of my whole trip and whilst it might be boring to read about for anyone else, it is making me want to start properly planning and getting a move on.  

So I’m off to look at more Austraila information and I haven’t even thought about the 19 hours I’ll be spending in South Korea on the way home…eek! 


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