This May I Have…


…read some books.

Well, only two books, but two fairly big ones. 

North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell was my Classics Club Spin book.

In Plain Sight: The Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile by Dan Davies was recommended by a friend and proved to be an interesting, if disturbing read.

…met Elizabeth Speller

I follow Elizabeth Speller (author of The Return of Captain John Emmett, The Strange Fate of Kitty Easton, At Break of Day) on Twitter and I have found her an interesting person to follow, not just because of her posts but also the fact that she engages with her followers.  At the start of the month I saw that she was giving a talk at my local library, so I tweeted a colleague – who also followers Elizabeth Speller – and we tweeted her and made plans to go and see her.  Speller’s three novels are based during the First World War, a topic which followers of my blog will know I love and focused on for my MA dissertations, and it was fascinating to hear Speller talk about this area of history.  She was a fantastic speaker and I learnt some really interesting facts about the First World War, such as how drug laws came into place due to the amount of soldiers doped up, that all soldiers were given a book on poetry upon signing up and how hairstyles changed due to the rats fondness for hair lacquer. I had a really enjoyable evening and if you ever get the chance to see Elizabeth Speller I highly recommend it.

…treated myself.

In recent months I have not really had much spare cash to treat myself, obviously I have Australia to look forward so I’m hardly all woe is me, but sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself, so that’s what I have done this May and I have added a few new pieces to my wardrobe.  I absolutely love a patterned trouser and I mean love to the extreme, it’s an obsession. However I have branched out slightly buying this jumpsuit

I’m never too sure if I’m a tad too tall for jumpsuits, but I’m happy with this one.  My favourite item of clothing bought this month is this gorgeous coat; I did umm and ahh as I thought it was a bit out there, but I LOVE it.

…been back to Devon.

The past two summers I have been down to Devon with my mum and the dogs and I have had an amazing time.  We walked lots, explored Devon and visited Agatha Christie’s holiday home, Greenway.  Because of my love for the place, I was eager to return so boyfriend and I went down to Dartmouth for a few days in the May half term.  It was lovely, we had beautiful weather and it was great to just mosey about, and as I’m a little bit of a brat and boyf doesn’t like planning, we went to the zoo and back to Greenway (yay) so I could lust after these first editions

As well as travelling around Devon doing some of the things I love, we relaxed a little bit and spent a good few hours with our legs dangling over the edge of the dock crabbing.  I have never been crabbing before but the idea is beautifully simple; take a bucket with water, a net or little netted bag with meat in and chuck it off the dock and wait.  I cheated a little bit and had a net, but we caught lots of crabbies and discovered they love ham…and some of them are a tad cannibalistic and liked some crab flavoured sea food sticks ha! This is the first crab I ever captured…

Hopefully June will be as lovely as May!  


3 thoughts on “This May I Have…

  1. Treat yo’self, the best day of the year!

    What a wonderful May, I’m sure June will be just as great.

    Ham to capture crabs, I’d never have guessed it.

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