June BirchBox


Well over a year ago (I should really change my subscription to a yearly one) I signed up to BirchBoxUK.  BirchBox is a monthly – and I love post – beauty box filled with six or seven exciting beauty and lifestyle products; these range from: shampoo, hair products, make up, shower gel, body lotion and a whole range of other little treats.  Not only that, but the boxes are adorable and often themed and are great for bunny rabbits to nibble on.  Upon subscription you fill out a questionnaire (you can change the responses at any time) which is like a mini beauty profile and BirchBox makes sure they send you products suitable to your needs and appearance.  You also receive BirchBox Reward Points for every box that you receive and for every review survey of your monthly products, which means you are soon able to shop and buy full range products online; this is something I have recently done and I might add a review on my new discoveries soon.  

So in this, my first ‘lifestyle’ blog post, I decided to review my June BirchBox which has a beautiful flower print designed with French Sole shoes.  

Not included in the photo is HIP Ultra Shine Shampoo which I recently took on holiday with me.  I have received a few mini shampoos over my time with BirchBox but this one might be my favourite.  It smells gorgeous (peppermint and eucalyptus oil) and was a decent size so I even let boyfriend use some.

The Penhaligon’s Iris Prima smells amazing, a mixture of bergamot, sandalwood and vanilla apparently, and then I saw the price tag and I think this might be the stuff of my dreams.

I have tried a REN face mask before which was lovely, so I was pleased to see another REN product, this time an instant firming beauty shit.  You just apply a few drops onto clean skin and you are left feeling wonderfully soft.

The products I have yet to try are the Balance Me Body Wash although my sister was moaning I had dry legs today so this can only be a good thing and the ModelCo Mascara but you can never have too many mini mascara so as far as I’m concerned. 

This month’s box also came with some Temporary Metallic Tattoos which might come in handy and a cute French Sole Shoe Bag which will definitely come in handy for Australia.

I can’t wait to see what next month’s box has in store


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