The Big Four


Title: The Big Four

Author: Agatha Christie

Published: 1927  

Challenges: Reading the Twentieth Century

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Captain Hastings returns from South America to visit his old friend Poirot, only to find the Belgian detective wrapped up in cases and when a mysterious stranger talking about The Big Four arrives in the flat and then promptly dies, Poirot soon becomes engrossed in this mystery.  Hastings and Poirot are soon putting their own lives in danger as they come up against The Big Four, an international crime group who are planning something big.  This Poirot novel sees our detective and his hapless friend travel across Europe and Poirot’s ‘little grey cells’ are truly put to the test.

My Thoughts

Of course I’m going to say I liked this book as I always like a good Poriot novel. It has everything I love in it: a mystery; Poirot; some tricky crimes and another chance for me to attempt to solve the mystery before I got to the end.  Poirot novels are usually known for cosy crime committed in quaint little British villages and a choice of criminals from a small circle of the victim’s intimate acquaintances, however The Big Four is slightly different in its choice of criminals, an international gang.  The book still has the typical Agatha Christie touches but I also felt it had a little bit of a James Bond style, even though this was written decades before Fleming wrote any Bond novels and even though it is still a little cosy.  There isn’t much more I can say about Christie books, I just love them. 


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