Long Haul Flight Essentials

When I jet off to the other side of the world in just over a few day’s time I will be spending approximately 23 hours on two different planes; this is not including the 4 hour stop over in South Korea.  Up until now the longest flight I have ever been on is a 4 hour flight and I have certainly never been on a flight with TV screens in the headrest, so this is going to be an interesting experience right from the start.  In preparation I have been doing lots of research on Pinterest and asking friends about essentials I need to take on long haul flights.  Below is my personal list of hand luggage essentials to help me survive the long flights and leave the plane looking somewhat normal.

Books and Magazines

This was an obvious one from the start.  I’m planning to take Vanity Fair and a lighthearted read to break it up.  I will also be taking a magazine or two for when I need a break from heavy reading. My magazine of choice at the moment is Women’s Health as I find the articles really interesting and inspiring, although I am rubbish at following up on fitness techniques.  I will be taking my Lonely Planet Guide to Australia and some post it notes and a pen for any last minute planning and searching of good places to eat etc and I am bound to buy another book (or two) at the airport.

 Eye Mask, Neck Pillow and Ear Plugs

Every article I read and every person I speak to has told me I needed to take these to make my flight as comfortable as possible.  I have two night flights – one leaving the evening of the day I fly and then I arrive in Sydney in the AM – therefore it is essential that I sleep on the last flight in particular to stop me feeling crazy jet lagged and to adjust my body clock as quickly as possible.  I favour a bean bag style neck pillow as opposed to an inflatable one and luckily my friend is going to lend me hers.   I have my eye on this eye mask, which was a satin back and comes with free ear plugs, although I might buy some foam ones as well. 


It is so important to look after your skin on a long haul flight, especially because of the re ventilated (is that how I want to describe it) air circulating which can make your skin really tight and dry.  As it is a night flight and I highly doubt I will go a day without make up, I have my eye on these Yes To face wipes for the trips, followed by Clarins HyrdaQuench to keep my skin lovely and soft.  I have picked up a mini hand cream to keep my hands soft as well as some Burt’s Bees Lip Balm as I can’t forget about my lips.  I am going to take a mini roll on deodorant and a teeny bottle of Batiste Dry Shampoo to keep me feeling normal. Of course no trip will be complete without a dozen hair bands and grips so I can go from lovely hair down to tying it up in a messy bun when it becomes a little too skanky and in need of a wash.   I have accepted that I am no going to leave this flight, or indeed travel around Australia looking like some kind of cat walk model, so I am prepared for this.


Beauty leads nicely to health and I am going to do everything I can to prevent myself from picking up any nasty germs floating about in that aeroplane air system.  I feel this cute little bottle of hand sanitiser is going to become one of my best friends, coupled with mini antibacterial wipes I should hopefully fend off any germs.  I am also determined to arrive and suffer from as little jet lag as possible, at least on the way there, so my friend suggested these Nytol Herbal Sleeping Tablets that I am planning to use on the second flight to make sure I definitely sleep. 


One of my biggest dilemmas has been deciding what to wear on my journey as I want to be as comfortable as possible, warm and wear any bulky clothes so that they don’t have to go in my luggage.  With this in mind I have decided on comfy black leggings, a t-shirt dress and oversized jumper, I will top this off with a tartan cape type thing I have (incase it is a tad chilly over there) and a hat because I love a good hat.  This might look a tad at odds with my geeky backpack hand luggage, but I don’t think I can realistically do backpacking any other way. 

All of this stuff, as well as the stuff I’m planning to pack in my bigger bag is currently lying on the bedroom floor in some kind of divided piles ready for packing tomorrow.  I can’t believe I have finished school and my trip is finally here. 


3 thoughts on “Long Haul Flight Essentials

  1. I always pack sleeping pills for long flights as well, so that I can make sure I sleep when I am supposed to – it definitely helps me adjust quicker to the time difference and fight off the jetlag. It looks like you’re all set and ready to go!

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