Blogging Again

It has been over a month since I blogged and even then it was just to say I was taking a break, so really I have had a two month break from blogging.  I wanted a break to have some time away from the ‘pressures’ (admittedly more self imposed ones) of blogging and because, after a month away, I came back to bad news and just felt I needs some time to regroup.  I was feeling like this whilst I was in Australia, so I think the family issues just gave me the push I needed to definitely take a mini break.  However, now I feel I would like to return to blogging of some sort.  I feel I would like to keep the book focus, but include posts on various other interests and things I have been up to.

What have I been up to? 


Well of course I have returned to work which takes up a lot of my time, but sometimes it is nice to return to work and some kind of routine and structure.  Before work and not long after my return from Australia, the boyf and I went on a little trip to Cornwall.  It was lovely to get away from everything and to visit some gorgeous places by the coast; we went to lots of coastal towns, The Eden Project and a few National Trust houses. It is such a beautiful part of the UK and I have a huge urge to read more Daphne du Maurier now, especially as we drive past Jamaica Inn.  I might have bought the first Poldark novel whilst I was down there too. 

I have always had a somewhat sporadic attitude towards exercise; I try the gym but my attention wavers after a few weeks or I join a class (like Pilates) and get frustrated when I am rubbish so don’t last very long.  I’m usually pretty good at running, but living between two houses has meant any running routine has gone out of the window, besides winter is coming (ha).  When I was in Australia I was amazed at the attitude to fitness that surrounded me everywhere I turned.  I was determined to return to England and sort out my fitness, helped by the fact I had won a three months gym membership.  I’m a shallow being, so to help this I bought some lovely gym stuff in a shop called Lorna Jane, a shop I will definitely be ordering from again and came home with a positive attitude.  I have had my gym induction and as my programme mainly focuses on weights as I need to develop tone and strength, not lose any weight, I can go once a week or more if I choose.  I find it helps to keep my gym stuff in the car and to schedule when I will go to the gym.  As well as the gym I have started yoga again.  Over the years I have practised yoga but never very seriously, however I have always enjoyed the calming effect and have always wanted to be more flexible so I knew I wanted to start it again.  I have joined a class practising Iyengor yoga and I love it.  The teacher’s attitude and outlook is so calming and makes so much sense, I am definitely finding myself less stressed and just happier in general.  I like the impact exercise is having on my mind and body so I hope I will break with tradition and keep it up.  

With all this going on I find that my reading has taken a bit of a back seat.  I have been flicking through various copies of Women’s Health as I find it an interesting read for a magazine, but I am also making headway with Gone With the Wind.  I bought my copy in Australia and although I have found little time for reading (which always happens in September) I am really enjoying this novel. 

My trip to Australia made me realise that I actually haven’t seen that much of the world and I am going to fix this, starting with a trip to Berlin in October.  I’m in a great position where I have a steady job and the income to allow me to travel, so I need to take advantage of this.  On a recent trip to London for one of my best friend’s hen dos I bought this little Experience Passport.  It includes different activities to try so I’m looking forward to completing some of these and maybe blogging about them. 

Hopefully I’ll find the time to blog again soon, but I think one or two posts a fortnight is good enough for me.