An Absent Year

Despite what the picture might imply I haven’t spent the past year just sunbathing besides the sea in a hot country.  At the end of 2015 I decided I needed a break from blogging; I wasn’t enjoying it very much, my life had suddenly become much busier and I felt restricted by this constant need to write reviews of everything I had read.  I didn’t intend to take an entire year off but that’s the way it went and I’m happy with that.  In recent months I have started to reconnect with the blogs I follow, reading more book reviews and just general reviews and it has reignited my interest in blogging, so much so that I think I might begin blogging again.  I say think because there is a chance I will start this up again and then find that life gets in the way, but that is just one of those things.  I am going to make some slight changes to the content and the look of my blog as I would like to write about other things besides books; books will always be a key part of my blog, but I am aiming to capture other parts of my life too.  For now we will see how it goes. 


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