Health and Wellbeing Goals

Whilst I didn’t do any blogging in 2016 I did spend the past year slowly falling in love with exercise.  After years of spontaneously joining gyms or half heartedly running/doing yoga I came back from Australia (ok so maybe I’m lying a little bit about the time frame as I came back in August 2015) and I was determined to stick with exercise and ultimately feel fitter and healthier.  I am lucky that I have always been slim, however as the fitness world keeps telling us that doesn’t necessarily mean you are healthy.  Despite a minor blip towards the end of the year as the nights grew darker and shorter, I have been pretty good at sticking to my fitness goals and I am determined to up my game slightly this year and see it through to the end of the year. 

1. Running

I spent a lot of last year in the gym focusing on weights and toning, having been told on many occasions I need to be careful of the amount of cardio I do due to weight reasons, I have always avoided too much running despite being good at it at school.  Some colleagues of mine ran The Great South Run in October in memory of another colleague who passed away last year and this year I have decided to join them.  This comes with some challenges as I haven’t run in a long time and I need to make sure I build myself up slowly and keep a balanced diet that will fuel me in this challenge.  I also need to work on finding some good music/podcasts to listen to as the realisation that I will be running for (hopefully) just under two hours means I am going to need something to keep me going…I forgot how boring running can be. 

2. Yoga

I love yoga.  It is so relaxing and yet can be challenging.  I love the principle behind it and how it can be used to help structure your life and your approach to life.  In this increasingly busy and hectic world we live in it becomes more and more important to take that time for oneself and to really focus on what makes you and your body happy.  I have followed Yogagirl on Instagram and her book for a few years now but I still haven’t found time to properly read it and that is something I would love to do this year.  For a few months I attended a yoga class which I found really helped me with the basics, but it didn’t fully challenge me so I am looking forward to starting with a new class with a friend of mine.  She currently goes to a yoga teacher who has worked with some celebrities I admire so I am really excited about this.  

3. Women’s Health

For the past two Christmases my grandparents have given me a subscription to Women’s Health magazine.  I have gone through phases in my life where I have been a magazine subscriber but I stopped bothering when I found too many magazines only focused on celebrity nonsense which I can’t be arsed with.  However in Women’s Health I think I have found my perfect magazine.  I find it so interesting and the mix of health, fitness ideas, recipes and interviews with celebrities who care about their health is just what I want from a magazine.  I need to be better at finding the time to sit down and read each issue when it comes through my letter box, especially as I have tried a few recipes from them other the year and they have been amazing.  

4. Healthy eating

I have a slight addiction to fitness cookbooks.  I am a lot of fitness blogger/vlogger/instgram users’ dream as I get a little obsessed and always want their cookbooks on my shelves.  Luckily I am not so easily led that I just buy them and never use them, with books by Madeleine Shaw, Deliciously Ella and Clean Eating Alice being some of my favourite and most used books of 2016.  I am definitely starting to focus more on what I eat and trying to be healthier.  I know it is a given, but I notice a real difference in my mood and my skin when I don’t eat well.  In fact I know if I have eaten too much chocolate as I always seem to break out in spots the day afterwards. This doesn’t mean I deprive myself of chocolate, but I certainly try and limit the amount I eat as I hate having spots – who doesn’t!  One book I am super excited about this year is Kayla Itsines’ first one.  Having followed her on Instagram since my return from Australia I am looking forward to trying some of her recipes and hopefully seeing an improvement in my fitness and my skin in general. 

5. Skincare

This was originally a post about exercise, but I couldn’t think of five exercise goals and I wanted five so I changed it to a general well being post.  I am terrible about moisturising my skin and this is my biggest goal of 2017.  I have always been good at looking after my face and my sister’s very handy job as a beautician and Clarins expert means that I always have lots of lovely Clarins products to help me remain young (ish) looking and my skin feeling good.  I am religious about removing my make up, cleansing and adding my face moisturiser and lip salve before bed (I always refer to “putting my face on” something my boyfriend particularly hates as he hates vaseline) and I am going to apply this religious regimeto moisturising   my body too…no one wants dry skin.   Luckily my boyfriend bought me some amazing body butter from The Body Shop, a shop I never think about going in to.  I have the Fuji Green Tea one and the Vanilla Chai and both smell gorgeous which does make this resolution much easier.  


One thought on “Health and Wellbeing Goals

  1. Last year, I also got back into my yoga and started to do some running. Like you, I have naturally always been slim but I would definitely like to be a bit fitter, healthier and energised. I hope we’re both able to keep it up this year 🙂

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