It is always difficult to muster the energy and enthusiasm in the freezing, icy mornings of January; after the joys of Christmas it can seem like a relentless month. Luckily for me I have had a pretty amazing start to the year, yes it has been busy but the kind of busy you don’t mind. 

Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie

Nomad by Alan Partridge

English Passengers by Matthew Kneale 

The Light Years by Elizabeth Jane Howard (current read) 

I go through phases of scouring my local charity shops and feeling the need to buy all the books I can and this is something that I did throughout January, adding some of the pictures books to my already overflowing bookshelves. For the last year I have been listening to a variety of book podcasts and one of my favourite ones is Tea or Books? hosted by Simon at Stuckinabook and Rachel at Book Snob. Rachel has been talking about her MA in Victorian Studies which has reignited my love of the Victorian era. For months I have been searching my local charity shops for a copy of A.N.Wilson’s The Victorians (I don’t think I could justify paying full price) with no luck; I finally caved and bought it online last week only to find it a charity shop a few days later. Why is this always the way? Luckily my mock frustration didn’t last long as I found a copy of Victoria alongside it and I picked this up instead. I am looking forward to half term where I will hopefully have a chance to really get in to some of these bigger books. 


One of my key aims for this year was to restart yoga and to consistently practise and I am so pleased with the class I am currently taking. It is run by a young teacher and is more fast paced and exciting than the class I was attending last year. It takes place in a cute little studio that I swear must be a converted garage or something and I always leave feeling so relaxed. I do have to try so hard not to laugh when we chant, but I’m starting to hold it together.  


I finally made it to London to visit one of my oldest friends; she had a baby at the end of November and we spent the entire day – with baby – just strolling about and gossiping. I LOVE walking around London even when it is a bit grey and miserable outside and luckily my friend lives in Central London so she was able to walk to meet me at Waterloo and we just moseyed on from there. Obviously there were two shops I just had to go to (Lorna Jane and Persephone Books) but other than that we had no real plans and just went where the mood took us. Another of my favourite things to do in London is visit the second hand book stalls under the bridge by Waterloo (I’m sure it has a proper name). I love scanning through the books but managed to resist temptation, especially as it was nearing my train time. Freya bought some really cool retro books for baby as you are never too young to have books.  

In my department we are super cool and have decided to host a Come Dine with Me competition with each member of the department hosting a night each month. To ensure no cheating takes place we have had to organise our menus in advance so that we can’t change it after someone else’s night. This month’s meal was amazing and Caribbean themed and she has set the bar high. I am planning a Murder Mystery themed evening which I am excited about but I am also in the process of organising a move so that could be somewhat problematic with boxes everywhere although I might just have to deal with that.  

After a long day at work my new book greeted me on the doorstep when I arrived home!


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