Black Venus

At the weekend I decided to do a last minute sign up to Angela Carter Week, a week hosted by Delia at Postcards from Asia and Caroline at Beauty is a Sleeping Cat. So off I strolled to my library to get out some Angela Carter books.



Black Venus is a collection is short stories either retelling different events from history, such as the murders committed by Lizzie Borden or just an interesting narrative on points in history in general. It would take too long and be far too tedious to mention every story in detail, but there were certainly ones I preferred above others. I found I didn’t care too much for the ones that focused on real life historical characters, such as Edgar Allan Poe or Baudelaire’s mistress. I found them too confusing and thus not overly memorable. If I’m honest I wasn’t really hooked by the first story and was almost tempted to read a different book. And then I read story number two The Kiss.

The Kiss was such a sweet short story set in Central Asia; I would say it was similar to a folk tale. Although only a couple of pages long it centres on a Tamburlaine’s wife and her hopes to finish a building before her husband returns from war. There is a lovely moral message told through eggs and vodka, random I know but I’m not giving anything away. It was just a lovely little story that made me think.

Other favourite stories from the collection include Our Lady of the Massacre about a runaway British girl who becomes part of a Native American tribe in the 1600s; The Kitchen Child about a boy who was born and raised in the kitchen of an English country house and Peter and the Wolf mainly about Peter and a girl raised by wolves.

This was certainly an interesting collection of stories and I love Carter’s description and the elegance of her writing. There is some bizarre and sometimes grotesque imagery throughout, but that is what makes it unique. And I like spotting the various allusions to other works of literature or art etc.

I think I am definitely going to read another Angela Carter book next, but which one? I was luckily enough to find a copy of The Bloody Chamber in the school library and that is the one I really want to read so maybe I’ll go there next.


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Angela Carter Week

When I originally saw the sign up post for Angela Carter Week I didn’t really have any intention of signing up. However this morning, the day before the event starts, I woke up and changed my mind. It was off to the library, with the hope I would be able to find a copy of The Bloody Chamber as I have wanted to read it for years. However, my library (a city library I might add) didn’t have a copy at all, not even one out on loan! All was not lost and I did manage to take out a handful of Carter’s work.


I checked the following books out of the library:

The Passion of New Eve
Black Venus
Several Perceptions

I cannot guarantee I will read all of these in the next week, mainly because I am still about halfway through Sense and Sensibilityand I can’t cope with more than one book at a time. However I am pretty excited about exploring some of Carter’s work as so far I have only read Wise Children which I studied at university, so hopefully this week and my last minute decision to join the event will prompt me into discovering some hidden gems.>