Five Go Adventuring Again


I feel as though I am storming through posts at the moment, however due to a return to school, therefore a dip in the social life, and a re-reading of To Kill A Mockingbird in preparation for teaching it, I was in dire need of a quick and light hearted read last night and I certainly found one.

Five Go Adventuring Again is the second story in Enid Blyton’s infamous Famous Five Series, and as stated in a previous post, I have never read them before, so it was my second journey into the world of Julian, George, Dick, Anne and Timmy the dog. It is the Christmas holidays and due to a family illness the cousins are all back together again at Kirrin Cottage. Unfortunately the winter weather puts a stop to any adventures to Kirrin Island, but there is still plenty of mystery and intrigue for the cousins to occupy themselves with. Hidden cupboards, coded maps, secret passages and being snowed in all add an element of suspense to the story and kept me reading through to the end.

Yes, as an adult it is easy to spot the twists in the tale and pinpoint the prime suspect, but that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment I find in these stories. I am glad the editions I have contain the original Blyton language as for me ‘golly’, ‘gosh’ and so on, add to the nostalgia and the innocence of the stories. They are books that I know I will return to throughout life, no matter what my age.

I love sharing my reading with my family and friends, unfortunately for me my family aren’t huge readers, despite my persistent attempts to change this. However my great aunt (who is like a second Grandma) remembers receiving these books as a child for Christmas and enjoying them, and she has rediscovered reading, and we have been sharing these and discussing them, so I look forward to passing this one her way very soon. In fact it was my aunt who bought me this copy and whenever she visits Corfe and the fabulous Enid Blyton shop she is always sure to bring me a new book. Hopefully the weather will improve so we can make another visit to add the third book to the reading list.